As we become more and more aware of healthy ways of eating in the West, Algae have been around for ages in Asian ancient medicine. They have been known to have potential applications in multiple industries, such as the beauty and pharmaceutical industry. Algaerithm is a publication and forecast that demonstrates how algae could be incorporated into our future daily routines, as algae surprisingly share the same biological 24-hour rhythm as humans. Thus, this step-by-step guide gives an idea on how we could not only eat algae, but use it as skincare, drinking an algae shot to wearing it as (protective) jewellery. The piece, as seen in the first photo, is made from agar agar which helps to protect us from increasing uv-rays. The magazine is based on real potential uses for algae to improve our current food and health as they have been doing it for centuries in other cultures, tied together in a fun publication full of interviews and conversation pieces.