Hi, welcome! My name is Ambre and I am a freelance French - Dutch - English interpreter and copy editor based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Growing up cross-culturally between different countries has given me a deeply rooted love and affinity for languages, culture and people. For this very reason I love working abroad or in international environments as in interpreter in tourism or other customer service related areas.

I have experience with 
visa application, travel advice, legalisation, nationality inquiries and have helped customers abroad in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.  I can effortlessly switch between different target groups and tone of voice, in both speech and writing.

My familiarity with different cultural backgrounds make me highly adaptable to any surrounding, and my enthusiasm and commitment to a great and authentic customer experience make sure there is always good energy!

work experience


Consular Advisor at Foreign Affairs, 
The Hague, the Netherlands

Copy editor for Rotterdam Photo

Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Freelance Interpreter  

The Netherlands and Nantes, France



Insight Strategist for Protein

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Interpreter Paris Photo Fair

Paris, France


Main Animator VacanceSoleil 

Privas, France


Assistant English teacher 

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


personal projects

In Between is a very personal publication about home, belonging and identity from a cross-cultural perspective. A cross-cultural person has lived in — or meaningfully interacted with two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time during their developmental years. The concept "cross-cultural" is an umbrella term for biracial, bicultural and multicultural children, but also  for children of expats, refugees, migrants and international adoptees. In this publication, I try to show the awkwardness of being 'in between', but mostly the strengths it comes with in our current society.

Rayos de Sol is a series that I have shot during my travels in Tenerife, Nice, Curaçao and The Dominican Republic, Rayos de Sol is an ongoing series on what home feels like, expressed through shapes and colours.

A collection of different projects.